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Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Where do you get your spices?    We order them from 3  companies in California and New Mexico, but they get them from all over the world.
2. What is your hottest spice?   The hottest item we carry is Chile Pequins followed by Jalapeno Powder and Cayenne Pepper.
3. What is the difference between Greek Oregano and Mexican Oregano?  The Greek Oregano is sweeter and used for Italian food while the Mexican Oregano is stronger, more bitter and used for Mexican food and salsas.
4. Can you just grind your Cinnamon Stick to make Ground Cinnamon?  No, they actually come from two separate plants. Ground Cinnamon comes from the Cassia plant while Cinnamon stick comes from the bark of a Cinnamon tree.
5. Where do you get your Garlic?  Our Garlic comes from California. We believe they have the best garlic. There is a lot of Chinese Garlic flooding the market but it lacks the full flavor of California Garlic.
6. Is MSG really bad for you?  There is a lot of controversy about that. Many of our customers believe it is and only buy spices from us that are pure without any additives. If you don't have a problem eating MSG, it is a flavor enhancer that really brings out the flavor of food.
7. Do your blends contain MSG?   Some of the blends that we purchase do contain MSG. However the ones that we blend here do not.
8. Do you do custom Blending?   Yes we do. We blend spices for major Restaurants, Grocery stores, and Meat companies as well as individuals that package their own private recipes. The minimum spice blend that we will blend is 70 pounds. We also package the spices in what ever weight you may want, however you must supply the packaging. You will be charged a blending fee and packaging fee depending on you need.
9. What makes your Chorizo Mix so much better than the rest?   Well all I can say is it's an old family recipe that I can't divulge...  We blend approx. 5,000 pounds a month so we must be doing something right....